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Good quality Step Tile Roll Forming Machine for sales
Good quality Step Tile Roll Forming Machine for sales
We already bought more than 5 machines from YBT Machinery, We are happy with their quality, their service and their company progress.

—— Dirk Sowma from Suriname

Wuxi YBT Machinery provides good quality roll forming machines, till now, the machines have been working 3 years, no any break, we are very satisfied.

—— Khan

We are steel company, We boght slitting line and the wall angle machine from YBT Machinery, the slitting machine is very stable and working well.

—— Fenton Chua from Philppines

We got the double layer machine from YBT Machinery. The machine works very well.

—— Diego

We ordered 6 machines for the racking shelf, they work very well at our factory, We are very happy for YBT Machinery's quality and service!

—— Matias from Costa Rica

This is the first time We buy machine from China, We are happy We chosen an good factory, Many thanks to YBT Team! We will buy more machines from them!

—— Jose Antonio from Chile

Hi, thanks for YBT Machinery, We bought the double layer roll forming machine from YBT Machinery, they supplied the good quality machines for us!

—— Carlos Gomez from Columbia

We got the CZ purlin machines from WUXI YBT Machinery, this machine is very convenient to make 12 profiles in one machine, and the speed is very fast

—— Diego Vergara from Ecuador

Good supplier of roll forming machine,short leadting time and fast shipmentlts worth cooperating with YBT machine.

—— Crist

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  • Production Line

    Production Line

    Sandwich Panel Production Line: Continuous PU sandwich panel machine line, Doubele belt PU sandwich panel machine line, Rock wool sandwich panel machine line.


    Our Services

    1. We will send the engineer for the installation and training of your workers on how to operate this machine in the correct way.
    2. Warranty Team
    One year quality guarantee, life guarantee repair. Within the quality guarantee period, except for failures caused by human error, repair parts will be provided for free. After the quality guarantee period, only charge the cost of the spare parts.
    3. We supply the pre-sell and after-sell service.
    pre-sell service: workshop design, and production output design
    after-sell service: installation and training, and the skilled engineer for working.
    4. We can also be sent the engineer working for you serval months or 1 year. The engineer will help you to improve the output, reduce the waste and decrease the cost.
    5. We supply the pre-sell service-Design for the whole project for stainless steel pipe making/ carbon steel pipe making.
    6. We will be responsible for loading and shipping.



    Our company has our own unique team of designers, for different types from customer's needs!

    We are with more than 20 years experience in service, including particular machine function customization, particular package, et


    We will do the best machine to my all customers!

  • R&D

    Roll Forming Machine Pricing Level Of Reason?


    Friends in the purchase of roll forming machine, will take into account the price, and manufacturers are how to pricing? What factors have a direct impact on the price of equipment?

    The factors involved in the pricing of a cold roll forming machine are:
    1. The complexity of the machine, that is, the complexity of the product profile you need to customize, if the profile you want to produce is more complex, then the more complex the cold bending machine needs to be customized, the more the number of rolls required, the more it needs to be produced. The longer the cycle, the longer the debugging time will be, and the after-sales problems will be more and more troublesome.

    2. The size of the customized profile, if a small material is small, then the custom cold bending machine is relatively small, the roller material is less, the whole machine will be relatively small, the steel used and all aspects of configuration will also be smaller. The price of the machine is also relatively low. Conversely, the price of the machine will increase the cost correspondingly to the size of the profile you are customizing.

    3. The degree of automation of integration. This will also increase the machine's production cycle and commissioning time. The number of components to be added to the entire automatic line will also increase, which will also increase the price of the entire machine.

    4. Your requirements for workpiece accuracy and surface requirements. The higher the requirements in these aspects, the higher the precision of the cold bending machine required to be produced, and the more complicated the production. For example, if you want to produce a profile with a high surface requirement, the roll processing is a different procedure, and the surface is polished or chrome-plated, which increases the production cost of the roll.

    5. The cost of after-sales service, these costs will generally be considered according to the complexity of the machine, the manufacturer will calculate these cost estimates. If the machine is more difficult, the after-sales cost of the manufacturer's budget will be higher.

    All of the above will have an impact on the price of the cold forming machine. Therefore, before setting the refrigeration and bending machine equipment, we must put forward the requirements mentioned above with the manufacturer in detail, so that the manufacturers can better price and better serve.



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